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Ask a Lawyer

Jun 25, 2013

Ask a Lawyer is a new feature we have added to our blog. You have the questions and we have the expert legal advice to get you the answers you need.

June is Brain Injury Awareness Month

Jun 05, 2013

Did you know the annual incidence of TBI is greater than that of Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer combined?

Usage-based car insurance as refined discrimination

May 30, 2013

Usage-based insurance, now being introduced in the insurance industry, is a form of refined discrimination,

Stay safe this long weekend

May 16, 2013

The long weekend may mean the unofficial start to summer, but it is also the start to accident season.

What should you do immediately after a car accident?

May 15, 2013

Do you know exactly what to do after a car accident? Do you know your rights? It only takes a few small steps to ensure you are prepared.

The Importance of Talking to Government

May 03, 2013

A decision in a case where the plaintiff had failed to provide notice to the Municipality demonstrates the need for consulting a lawyer as soon as possible.

Things to Think About When Lending Out Your Car

Apr 19, 2013

Most people would not hesitate to lend out their car to family and friends in need. Before you hand over the keys, some issues need to be taken into consideration.

Proper Use of Social Media While Your Claim is in Process

Apr 10, 2013

Your actions on Facebook and Twitter can have a an impact on your case.

Tips for Dealing With Caregiver Burnout

Apr 01, 2013

When you are responsible for either the full-time or part-time care of another individual, your focus shifts away from yourself and it is easy to find yourself suffering from burnout.

Disability Benefits

Mar 21, 2013

Many people struggle to go back to work after disabling events like car accidents or serious illness. By looking at your employment benefits policy, you will know what you are entitled to.