Canadian Association of Black Lawyer’s 19th Gala Celebration

We are incredibly honoured to have been invited to attend the Canadian Association of Black Lawyer’s 19th Gala Celebration. 

On behalf of Carranza LLP, we would like to congratulate all the well-deserved award recipients for their tremendous contributions to the Black community and their outstanding work in the field of law. 

This year’s theme was titled “Answering the Call for Change: JUSTINCE IN ACTION”. We were left in awe of the speech given by keynote speaker Desmond Cole who is an activist, author and award-winning freelance journalist. Desmond Cole’s speech in which he retold his story about growing up as a Black man in Canada, highlighted the challenges he faced and his call for action: an end to silence about racism. What an inspiring night! Check out the photos below.

L to R: Marc, Laura, Moira and Geoffroy

L to R: Rolando, Marc, Moira, Geoffroy, Juan, Maria, Andrea and Laura

Rolando, Desmond Cole and Juan